Sunday, May 3, 2009

First montage of India finished

We have finisheda short version of the Live Cinema Project.

Live Cinema is mixing in extra video and audio layers during projection. In this case a documentary about the Camel Fair at Pushkar, India. By manipulating the image and sound live, extra layers come into play and a dreamy quality is brought into the viewing experience.

Seb and Maarten went to Pushkar, India to witness and record the Pushkar Camel Fair. Having heard many stories about it and with high hopes of meeting folk musicians they set out. This video is a view of that first encounter.

This montage is the base track, so without the extra layers (yet). All the audio in this film is recorded on location. Enjoy!

Live Cinema: Pushkar Camel Fair V 1 from IndiVisuals on Vimeo.