Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pakistani flashbacks

and suddenly a second post within the day, such inspiration ey?

-little side update, in a few hours I am taking the train to northern Uttar Pradesh towards the mid-western Nepalese border. It's next to the Maoist territory, where not many tourists go to as it is a crossing off the beaten track. Hopefully in Nepal by lunch tomorrow. It's a bit unstable in Nepal right now as they just had an oil crisis that lasted 2 weeks. Things seem to turn back to normal but in the south western Terai area there are still some curfews in effect in several towns. And rara, where am I heading? Yup. I do feel that things are safe enough in Terai and the curfew area's are out of my way so far I checked. Like this report, the place is out of my way: http://www.nepalnews.com/archive/2008/feb/feb27/news07.php
From the Terai on I'll move towards Pokhara and the Annapurna region. For more current affairs in Nepal, keep a tab on the insightful news site www.nepalnews.com.
-The negative travel advice from western embassies can be taken with a pinch of salt. For instance, the negative advice list on Pakistan is still double as big as Nepal's and you all know we encountered no problems in Pakistan-
Maarten has just decided not to go down to Karnataka after some pondering. Who knows where'll he go but he might choose for north eastern Jharkand, Bihar or Sikkim. He can better tell you himself.

Some Muharram photo's inserted below in this post, finally. By luck we met beardy Maciek (Magic) here in Delhi a few days ago while sitting in the same web spot , nearly next to each other! We had met him in Lahore during the bloody Muharram days and he promised give us some photo's of the Muharram ceremony. Which he did now, scroll below. Therefore, Pakistani flashbacks!
Big thanks to Maciek for these detailed and atmosphere-filled pictures. Travel safe and fine, ye m*thrf*cker ;)

and yeah, before we are off and will not upload much stuff anymore...here some last Pakistani radiophonic candy that I found in the dusty corners of the krazy korg. Cooked in static, salted with hiss and cracks.

Soft disco synth beats and traditional sounds combined in a movie song, perhaps as a remix I think. Those 80's beat-rolls are great.

Unknown artists - Pakistani movie disco pop

How the film nostalgia suddenly washed over us hehe. It certainly took our breath away, giggle. In this Urdu version she sings about *no hope*. Oh dear, we hope the Pakistani airforce fared better on screen here.

Unknown artist - Asa nahi (No hope)

It's not Uncle Sam that is invading Pakistan society, but another bearded so-called officer who sells pieces of unhealthy sizzling chicken. Poor Pakistan.

Pakistani US styled ad

Interlude taken off a Karachi station who played more easy and modern styled music (read: westernized). Quite a good piece, sounds like a discostyled Secret Chiefs 3 ;)

Unknown artist - Pakistani rock & beats interlude

Remember that we hitched a ride from the Pakistani highway patrol? Here's the proof in sound, as I sneakily recorded inside the car while they played popfolk tapes and gave us snacks to eat. Sorry for the muffled quality, it was just for the novelty really.

Pakistani highway patrol - police pop ride

words missing.......why go find them.

next first post from Nepal or eastwards...who knows.

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