Monday, November 12, 2007

Indian sounds on Tracks

Hi folks,

Deirdre is so sweet and supporting that she has started to plug our project and blog on her weekly world music radio show Tracks! Have a fair listen, not only for our sake but also for Deirdre and Rory's good selection of varied world music tunes!

Life FM is transmitting London, but easily to catch in your room through the wonders of internet radio, yay. No need to worry if you miss it, cos the last show is always archived and soon podcasts will be available.

Tracks show on Myspace
and a little piece about us
or straight to the radio

We spent the last few days celebrating Diwali, recording music sessions with the Dewara family and driving a motorbike on sandy desert roads in total darkness. More on that later in the week....

Some new pics

ravanatha player fella

'indian citizens, cows are not supposed to eat garbage'
(although they like and do it)

Diwali day, monkey eating fresh holy flower garlands from altar.
They're holy, so they can.

side road past the Pushkar lake

Maarten and Sunil enjoying view from hilltop above the Dewara Saregara family home


WilliamC said...

Hi Seb, just wanted to let you know I'm really digging the travel blog, enjoying the whole thing -- words, sounds, pics. Cheers from Mississippi --

SebCatLitter said...

hey william, thanks! we're surely enjoying it here culture-food n music wise.
it ain't the delta here, but instead we get the blues presented in a dusty desert wrapping :)