Sunday, November 18, 2007

Moving Images

Preliminary video clips from the lovely Pushkar: Bhopal playing the Ravanattha (or Rawanattha) and singing together with his wife Kelassi while his little sister Pukka sits next to them. They are from the Bhopa caste, a caste where music has been their tradition and occupation for centuries since the ruling days of mughuls and sultans.

This is recorded with a simple digital photo camera. The image with my own camera is way better, but the wide angle on this camera isn't shabby at all! Seb recorded the audio on his sound recording device and I used a good video camera, but this got the job done. And quickly too!

I still can't cut - and therefore not upload- any clips from the high end camera because my laptop adapter died in action. An unhealthy diet of irregular power feed did its wires in back in Ajmer -about two weeks ago. I got a new one sent from New Deli but it is still trying to find it's way to me in postal bags. As is the powersurge protector - thanks to ebay!
update: but under big relief the Mac cable arrived yesterday, so the editing is well underway, wa-hey!)

Bopal 05
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Rory said...

Great stuff!
Looks like you're on the right track - Rajathani Gypsy a-go-go!

Are the bells in the video soundtrack on the man's bow?


Matthijs said...

Heeey tof man zo'n filmpie. Lekker op zo'n open veld muziek maken. Cool instrument, meer hebben ze ook echt nie nodig.
Jullie geven echt een goed beeld van de omgeving en de mensen met al die foto's. ik blijf het in de gaten houden. Blijf zo doorgaan en geniet ervan!

Groeten Matthijs

SebCatLitter said...

hey rory!
yup yup indeed. the bells are on a small rails parallel to the bow so that with a firm striking movement they move along with the bow. I bought a few ravanatha's and we've been having lesson for a few days now, learning rajasthani folk melodies from the old guy (see older pic). sweet! :)

hey broertje! (of nie...?)
de snaarinstrumenten hebben vaak dubbelklinkende tonen..dus akoestish en zang zijn dan echt vol van geluid. en puur. leuk dat je het volgt

Krysztoff said...

Hey! Leuk filmpje en dat bloempje op het laatste maakt het af ;)