Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mela Mela, not the sweet Ethiopian song that Mahmoud Ahmed once sung, but the hindi word for *fair* that makes your Indian shopkeeper's eyes glinster. The Pushkar camel fair is on and it's mela mela all around with tourists dropping in from everywhere to see the camels.

Just a short post for now, 'cos we've been busy boys the past few days with recording sessions, trying to stay out of the heat, visiting small dusty towns on a motorcycle and meeting shephard families and their various livestock.

Tomorrow morning at 9.30 me and Maarten will play footie (or soccer) against the Rajasthan team on the main mela pitch -which is normally reserved for showing off special horses and camels-. So the gora's versus the rajasthani's! The gora's being us, the foreigners, like some Indian folks like to shout to you in a *hey whiteass cracker* stylee. Humm, given my allergy to horses I'll wonder how long I can last if the air is full of horse smell. But at least we can say: we try. Try to lose with our chin up I guess, if the rajasthani's all prove to be professional players. Just a hunch.

In a few days some more words on the past week's happenings.


Warren Swords said...

Hi Seb,

Blog is fantastic, really interesting and some great pics too. Will be arriving in India myself in a 3 months or so and visiting some of hte places you've already been to. Sure our paths might cross at some stage

SebCatLitter said...

hey warren, good one. I'll be still around then. Probably in the north and northeast, so drop me a line if you're around.