Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some Bharaty sounds.....

to download (right click on the link/name and save as...)! (unlimited now from Maarten's server, yay!)
click on the blue links below and have an eavesdrop or two into the Indian & Rajasthani psyche........

Professor Moneyplant. A comedy telly serie from Punjab about money hustling in a college. bizarre slapstick. You can hear some talk too. Those trumpet synth tunes are great. I've to look up who composes the music and interludes, wrote it in the notepad....

Some composer - Professor Moneyplant (end tune)

Recorded from a movie about hindu gods and some earth families.
Luscious sitar drones, sweet talk between Vishnu and Shiva....but then as the gong sounds, horror strikes. oh no!

Vishna-Shiva raga song & dramatic scene!

Rural folk sounds from the forest people in Chhattisgarh, recorded from Radio Rajasthan. The state of Chhattisgarh is located in the middle-east of India and one of the few places where people still live in the jungle. It's a bit hectic in Chhattisgarh since a few weeks, as rebels and police are fighting each other over control of the small jungle state. One radio report (mis)said: *20 police men have been ambushed and 15 are missing. Since the bodies have not been found, they are feared dead*. Oh dear. Luckily the folk songs I recorded sounded lovely, like this one.

Unknown Artist - Chhattisgarh folk song

Bollywood classics at Ajmer FM! Yes, every night, every station, too much.
I liked this one best, accordeon folk whatever.

Unknown Artist - Classic Bollywood song

Funky interlude at 94.3 FM, Ajmer, I like the singing phone-in.

94.3 FM rip

Short radio interludes and ads, ch-ching. They're more fun that the ones you're used to.

Interludes & Ads

Kiddie advert

warzone Pushkar, this morning. As kids were still throwing firecrackers on this 2nd day of Divali. 3 minutes of live rooftop bombing.

warzone Pushkar - firecrackers galore


Rik said...

Will get played next Rebel Up! for sure. :) Vodafone magic box, hahaha.

SebCatLitter said...

yay Rik, and more to come soon enough
will surely send you some more danceable sounds :)

Mia said...

Love the KiddieAd! :)
This would do superb in a minimal mix ;)

SebCatLitter said...

purrrrr, your meow sounds like an experiment. why, it would be a pity not to do so... let us hear, ok? :)