Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pushkar, pre Mela and village views

Some photo's......

misplaced advert....?

our ceiling.

our ravanattha's, resting in room

I got snapshotted into a Rajasthani newspaper....

little village nearby Pushkar, we drove their by motorbike and got a puncture. In return we got nice scenery and contact with jeery shepherd kids. Pity I didn't takes photo's of them. Perhaps because I was being busy getting pushed and teased by them ;)

van Nistelrooy #9 in India, while 'England' and it's flag was written on the front of his shirt ;)

The daughters of Polly and Tolly -our Brahmin hotel managers-, cheerfully posing in front of our hotel.

Bhopal, Kelasi and Pucca

Ravanattha player and teacher Rampal and his wife Sita. They are also featured in the documentary; 'Bhopa, the Art of Survival', about the ravanattha (see the links on right hand side)

best friends holding hands

scenery of the desert grounds before the Mela started and camel caravans were arriving.


remko said...

hey maarten en seb,

coole pictures zeg!!!
ook gaaf om over dat mela feest te lezen!!


Maarten said...

Dank je Remko!

SebCatLitter said...

hey lil' broeder, ik hoop dat je onze avonturen blijft volgen, groetjes aan thuis :)

Anonymous said...

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vaginas said...

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